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Last Updated: January 3, 2024

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All past Super Bowl winners have one thing in common. It takes a complete team effort to get there. Eternal glory is reserved for those willing to overcome the greatest struggles. These go beyond the worst NFL injuries or humiliating losses.

That’s why in this article we’re looking at the past Super Bowl champions by year. Which teams managed to overcome all of the hurdles to become champions. Some of them were even one of the worst NFL teams at one period.

Super Bowl Wins by Team

The Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots are ahead of the pack with six Super Bowls each. New England won their sixth title in 2019, while the Steelers earned their sixth Super Bowl in 2011.

Behind them are the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys with 5 Super Bowl wins to their name. The Green Bay Packers and New York Giants are the last pair to round up the list, with each organization earning 4 championships. Green Bay also has 9 more titles from the pre-Super Bowl era.

All Super Bowl Winners 1967 to 2023

These are all of the past Super Bowl winners, starting from 1967 to 2023.

Super Bowl 1 (I)

  • Date: 01-15 1967
  • Result: Green Bay Packers 35–10 Kansas City Chiefs
  • Venue: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California

The first AFL–NFL World Championship Game is known retroactively as Super Bowl I and it saw one of the greatest NFL organizations win their first trophy. Quarterback Bart Starr won the MVP,  completing 16 of 23 passes for 250 yards and two touchdowns with one interception to give the Green Bay Packers the win

Super Bowl 2 (II)

  • Date: 01-14 1968
  • Result: Green Bay Packers 33–14 Oakland Raiders
  • Venue: Miami Orange Bowl Miami, Florida

The second Super Bowl saw Green Bay defend their title against the AFL Raiders team that had a better regular season record. Quarterback Bart Starr became the first back-to-back Super Bowl MVP.

Super Bowl  3 (III)

  • Date: 01-12 1969
  • Result: New York Jets 16–7 Baltimore Colts
  • Venue: Miami Orange Bowl  Miami, Florida

Super Bowl 3 was the first time an AFL team won the title. The second-straight Super Bowl game played in the same location saw Jets quarterback Joe Namath complete 17 out of 28 passes for 206 yards, to give his team the victory he had promised on national television 3 days prior.

Super Bowl 4 (IV)

  • Date: 01-11 1970
  • Result: Kansas City Chiefs 23–7 Minnesota Vikings
  • Venue: Tulane Stadium New Orleans, Louisiana

The fourth and final AFL–NFL World Championship Game prior to the AFL–NFL merger saw the Kansas City Chiefs beat a highly-favored Minnesota Vikings squad by forcing 5 turnovers and allowing just 67 rushing yards.

Super Bowl 5 (V)

  • Date: 01-17 1971
  • Result: Baltimore Colts 16–13 Dallas Cowboys
  • Venue: Miami Orange Bowl  Miami, Florida

The first modern Super Bowl was back in Miami, playing on artificial turf for the first time. Linebacker Chuck Howley won the MVP award after an ugly performance from both teams resulted in an NFL record 11 turnovers in a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 6 (VI)

  • Date: 01-16 1972
  • Result: Dallas Cowboys 24–3 Miami Dolphins
  • Venue: Tulane Stadium New Orleans, Louisiana

America’s team got their first title in their second Super Bowl appearance by breaking multiple NFL records. Quarterback Roger Staubach won the MVP as the “Doomsday Defense” stifled the Dolphins.

Super Bowl 7 (VII)

  • Date: 01-14 1973
  • Result: Miami Dolphins 14–7  Washington Redskins
  • Venue: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles, California

The next year, the undefeated Dolphins completed a perfect season with a defensive showcase, securing their place in history. With one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time Don Shula on the sideline, this Dolphins roster did what the 2007 Patriots couldn’t. 

Who Won The Last 50 Super Bowls?

These are all of the Super Bowl winners in the past 50 years.


Super Bowl 8 (VIII)

  • Date: 01-13 1974
  • Result: Miami Dolphins 24–7  Minnesota Vikings
  • Venue: Rice Stadium Houston, Texas

The Dolphins dominated for a second consecutive title, with Larry Csonka’s running game overpowering the Vikings.

Super Bowl 9 (IX)

  • Date: 01-12 1975
  • Result: Pittsburgh Steelers 16–6 Minnesota Vikings
  • Venue: Tulane Stadium New Orleans, Louisiana

The Steelers’ “Steel Curtain” defense shined, securing their first title. Allowing just 9 first downs in a hard-fought battle against the Vikings, this is another Super Bowl record performance.  

Super Bowl 10 (X)

  • Date: 01-18 1976
  • Result: Pittsburgh Steelers 21–17 Dallas Cowboys
  • Venue: Miami Orange Bowl Miami, Florida

It was time for the Steel Curtain to secure back-to-back NFL championships, this time against the Dallas Cowboys in a thrilling contest, highlighted by Lynn Swann’s acrobatic catches.

Super Bowl 11 (XI)

  • Date: 01-9 1977
  • Result: Oakland Raiders 32–14 Minnesota Vikings
  • Venue: Rose Bowl Stadium Pasadena, California

The Raiders dominated, with a potent passing game and a stout defense, earning their first Super Bowl title. The Vikings were one the receiving end for an NFL-record fourth time in just 11 years.

Super Bowl 12 (XII)

  • Date: 01-15 1978
  • Result: Dallas Cowboys 27–10 Denver Broncos
  • Venue: Louisiana Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana

The Cowboys’ “Doomsday Defense” and Roger Staubach’s precision secured a convincing victory over the Broncos. It was Staubach’s second ring in 4 tries with the Cowboys.

Super Bowl 13 (XIII)

  • Date: 01-21 1979
  • Result: Pittsburgh Steelers 35–31 Dallas Cowboys
  • Venue: Miami Orange Bowl Miami, Florida

A thrilling showdown, with Terry Bradshaw’s heroics and the Steel Curtain defense securing the Steelers’ third championship. One of the best Super Bowls ever, with 26 HOF players on the field.

Super Bowl 14 (XIV)

  • Date: 01-20 1980
  • Result: Pittsburgh Steelers 31–19 Los Angeles Rams
  • Venue: Rose Bowl Stadium Pasadena, California

The Steelers secured their fourth title, with Bradshaw’s passing and a late defensive stand against the Rams. A total of 7 lead changes occurred in this game, which is still an NFL Super Bowl record. 

Super Bowl 15 (XV)

  • Date: 01-25 1981
  • Result: Oakland Raiders 27–10 Philadelphia Eagles
  • Venue: Louisiana Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana

The Raiders dominated, led by Jim Plunkett’s stellar performance, securing their second title in franchise history.

Super Bowl 16 (XVI)

  • Date: 01-24 1982
  • Result: San Francisco 49ers 26–21 Cincinnati Bengals
  • Venue: Pontiac Silverdome Pontiac, Michigan

The Joe Montana era kicked off with a brilliant performance that guided the 49ers to their first Super Bowl win in a close battle against the Bengals. He would go on to become an NFL legend by engraving his name among past Super Bowl winners multiple times.

Super Bowl 17 (XVII)

  • Date: 01-30 1983
  • Result: Washington Redskins 27–17 Miami Dolphins
  • Venue: Rose Bowl Stadium Pasadena, California

10 years after the Miami Dolphins completed their perfect season against the Redskins, Washington got their revenge, led by John Riggins’ rushing, and overcame an early deficit to secure their first Super Bowl win.

Super Bowl 18 (XVIII)

  • Date: 01-22 1984
  • Result: Los Angeles Raiders 38–9 Washington Redskins
  • Venue: Tampa Stadium  Tampa, Florida

The Raiders dominated, led by Marcus Allen’s historic rushing performance, securing their third Super Bowl title. Unfortunately, we are long removed from the Raiders being mentioned as past Super Bowl winners.

Super Bowl 19 (XIX)

  • Date: 01-20 1985
  • Result: San Francisco 49ers 38–16 Miami Dolphins
  • Venue: Stanford Stadium Stanford, California

Joe Montana’s brilliance and Bill Walsh’s coaching led the 49ers to their second Super Bowl win, ruining Dan Marino’s first and only Super Bowl appearance.

Super Bowl 20 (XX)

  • Date: 01-26 1986
  • Result: Chicago Bears 46–10 New England Patriots
  • Venue: Louisiana Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana

The Bears’ dominant defense, led by the “46” formation, overwhelmed the Patriots in a lopsided victory.

Super Bowl 21 (XXI)

  • Date: 01-25 1987
  • Result: New York Giants 39–20 Denver Broncos
  • Venue: Rose Bowl Stadium Pasadena, California

The Giants, led by Phil Simms and Bill Parcells, secured their first Super Bowl win, overcoming the Broncos.

Super Bowl 22 (XXII)

  • Date: 01-31 1988
  • Result: Washington Redskins 42–10 Denver Broncos
  • Venue: Jack Murphy Stadium San Diego, California

Doug Williams’ historic performance led the Redskins with 42 unanswered points to a dominant victory, securing their second Super Bowl title.

Super Bowl 23 (XXIII)

  • Date: 01-22 1989
  • Result: San Francisco 49ers 20–16 Cincinnati Bengals
  • Venue: Joe Robbie Stadium Miami, Florida

Jerry Rice’s first Super Bowl win and only Super Bowl MVP performance with a Super Bowl record 215 yards, gave the 49ers their third title in franchise history.

Super Bowl 24 (XXIV)

  • Date: 01-28 1990
  • Result: San Francisco 49ers 55–10 Denver Broncos
  • Venue: Louisiana SuperdomeNew Orleans, Louisiana

Joe Montana’s masterful performance, throwing for five touchdowns, led the 49ers to a dominant victory, securing their fourth title.

Super Bowl 25 (XXV)

  • Date: 01-27 1991
  • Result: New York Giants 20–19 Buffalo Bills
  • Venue: Tampa Stadium Tampa, Florida

Scott Norwood’s missed field goal in the final moments gave the Giants a narrow victory in a defensive battle.

Super Bowl 26 (XXVI)

  • Date: 01-26 1992
  • Result: Washington Redskins 37–24 Buffalo Bills
  • Venue: Metrodome Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mark Rypien’s MVP performance led the Redskins to their third Super Bowl title, overcoming the Bills’ high-powered offense.

Super Bowl 27 (XXVII)

  • Date: 01-31 1993
  • Result: Dallas Cowboys 52–17 Buffalo Bills
  • Venue: Rose Bowl Stadium Pasadena, California

Troy Aikman and the Cowboys dominated, capitalizing on 9 Bills turnovers to secure their third title, leaving the Bills winless in 3 straight appearances.

Super Bowl 28 (XXVIII)

  • Date: 01-30 1994
  • Result: Dallas Cowboys 30–13 Buffalo Bills
  • Venue: Georgia Dome Atlanta, Georgia

History would repeat itself as Emmitt Smith’s rushing and the Cowboys’ defense secured their second consecutive title against the Bills, who suffered their fourth straight Super Bowl loss.

Super Bowl 29 (XXIX)

  • Date: 01-29 1995
  • Result: San Francisco 49ers 49–26 San Diego Chargers
  • Venue: Joe Robbie Stadium Miami, Florida

After winning 2 rings as Montana’s backup, Steve Young’s record-setting six touchdown passes led the 49ers to a lopsided victory, securing their fifth title.

Super Bowl 30 (XXX)

  • Date: 01-28 1996
  • Result: Dallas Cowboys 27–17 Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Venue: Sun Devil Stadium Tempe, Arizona

The Cowboys were back on the podium, securing their third title in four years on the back of Larry Brown’s two interceptions, which made him the first cornerback to win Super Bowl MVP honors.

Super Bowl 31 (XXXI)

  • Date: 01-26 1997
  • Result: Green Bay Packers 35–21 New England Patriots
  • Venue: Louisiana Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana

Brett Favre’s stellar performance and Desmond Howard’s kickoff return for a touchdown secured the Packers’ victory in a thrilling game.

Super Bowl 32 (XXXII)

  • Date: 01-25 1998
  • Result: Denver Broncos 31–24 Green Bay Packers
  • Venue: Qualcomm Stadium San Diego, California

John Elway’s “helicopter” run and Terrell Davis’ rushing performance led the Broncos to their first Super Bowl title.

Super Bowl 33 (XXXIII)

  • Date: 01-31 1999
  • Result: Denver Broncos 34–19 Atlanta Falcons
  • Venue: Pro Player Stadium Miami, Florida

John Elway’s farewell game featured a dominant Broncos performance, securing their second consecutive title against the Falcons. This game made John Elway one of the oldest QBs to win a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 34 (XXXIV)

  • Date: 01-30 2000
  • Result: St. Louis Rams 23–16 Tennessee Titans
  • Venue: Georgia Dome Atlanta, Georgia

The “Greatest Show on Turf” Rams, led by Kurt Warner and a game-saving tackle, secured their first Super Bowl win in a thrilling contest against the Titans.

Super Bowl 35 (XXXV)

  • Date: 01-28 2001
  • Result: Baltimore Ravens 34–7 New York Giants
  • Venue: Raymond James Stadium Tampa, Florida

The Ravens’ historic defense, led by one of the greatest NFL linebackers Ray Lewis, dominated, securing their first Super Bowl win against the Giants.

Super Bowl 36 (XXXVI)

  • Date: 02-3 2002
  • Result: New England Patriots 20–17 St. Louis Rams
  • Venue: Louisiana Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana

Adam Vinatieri’s game-winning field goal sealed the Patriots’ first Super Bowl win and Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl ring in a dramatic upset over the Rams.

Super Bowl 37 (XXXVII)

  • Date: 01-26 2003
  • Result: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48–21 Oakland Raiders
  • Venue: Qualcomm Stadium San Diego, California

The Buccaneers’ dominant defense, led by Jon Gruden, intercepted five passes in a lopsided victory over the Raiders.

Who Won the Last 20 Super Bowls

These are all of the Super Bowl winners in the past 20 years.

Super Bowl 38 (XXXVIII)

  • Date: 02-1 2004
  • Result: New England Patriots 32–29 Carolina Panthers
  • Venue: Reliant Stadium Houston, Texas

Adam Vinatieri’s late-game heroics once again prevailed, securing the Patriots’ second title in 3 years in a close contest against the Panthers.

Super Bowl 39 (XXXIX)

  • Date: 02-6 2005
  • Result: New England Patriots 24–21 Philadelphia Eagles
  • Venue: ALLTEL Stadium Jacksonville, Florida

The Patriots, led by Tom Brady, secured their third title in four years, overcoming the Eagles in a closely contested game.

Super Bowl 40 (XL)

  • Date: 02-5 2006
  • Result: Pittsburgh Steelers 21–10 Seattle Seahawks
  • Venue: Ford Field Detroit, Michigan

The Steelers, led by Jerome Bettis and Hines Ward, secured their fifth title, overcoming the Seahawks in a game marked by controversial officiating.

Super Bowl 41 (XLI)

  • Date: 02-4 2007
  • Result: Indianapolis Colts 29–17 Chicago Bears
  • Venue: Dolphin Stadium Miami Gardens, Florida

Peyton Manning’s MVP performance and a rain-soaked field secured the Colts’ victory in a historic matchup against the Bears.

Super Bowl 42 (XLII)

  • Date: 02-3 2008
  • Result: New York Giants 17–14 New England Patriots
  • Venue: University of Phoenix Stadium Glendale, Arizona

Eli Manning’s iconic drive and David Tyree’s “Helmet Catch” secured the Giants’ upset victory over the previously undefeated Patriots.

Super Bowl 43 (XLIII)

  • Date: 02-1 2009
  • Result: Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23 Arizona Cardinals
  • Venue: Raymond James Stadium Tampa Bay, Florida

Ben Roethlisberger’s game-winning drive and Santonio Holmes’ iconic catch secured the Steelers’ sixth title against the Cardinals.

Super Bowl 44 (XLIV)

  • Date: 02-7 2010
  • Result: New Orleans Saints 31-17 Indianapolis Colts
  • Venue: Dolphin Stadium Miami, Florida

Drew Brees’ MVP performance and Tracy Porter’s interception secured the Saints’ first Super Bowl win in a victory over Payton’s Indianapolis Colts.

Super Bowl 45 (XLV)

  • Date: 02-6 2011
  • Result: Green Bay Packers 31-25 Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Venue: Cowboys Stadium Arlington, Texas

Aaron Rodgers’ MVP performance and a key interception by Nick Collins secured the Packers’ fourth Super Bowl title against the Steelers. This was the most-watched event in American TV history as two of the winningest NFL franchises faced off.

Super Bowl 46 (XLVI)

  • Date: 02-5 2012
  • Result: New York Giants 21–17 New England Patriots
  • Venue: Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, Indiana

Eli Manning’s late-game heroics and Mario Manningham’s sideline catch secured the Giants’ second Super Bowl win over the Patriots. These 2 rings over Tom Brady in a 5-year span made Eli one of the highest-paid NFL players of all time.

Super Bowl 47 (XLVII)

  • Date: 02-3 2013
  • Result: Baltimore Ravens 34-31 San Francisco 49ers
  • Venue: Mercedes-Benz Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana

The Ravens, led by Joe Flacco and a power outage, secured their second title in a thrilling contest against the 49ers.

Super Bowl 48 (XLVIII)

  • Date: 02-2 2014
  • Result: Seattle Seahawks 43-8 Denver Broncos
  • Venue: MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, New Jersey

The Seahawks’ “Legion of Boom” defense dominated, securing their first Super Bowl win in a lopsided victory over the Broncos.

Who Was the Last 10 Super Bowl Winners?

These are all of the Super Bowl winners in the past 10 years.

Super Bowl 49 (XLIX)

  • Date: 02-1 2015
  • Result: New England Patriots 28-24  Seattle Seahawks
  • Venue: University of Phoenix Stadium Glendale, Arizona

Malcolm Butler’s game-saving interception secured the Patriots’ fourth title in a dramatic victory over the Seahawks. Yes, this is the game in which Pete Carrol had Marshawn Lynch on the bench while being 1 yard from the goal line.

Super Bowl 50

  • Date: Feb 7th 2016
  • Result: Denver Broncos 24-10 Carolina Panthers
  • Venue: Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara, California

The Broncos’ dominant defense, led by Von Miller, secured their third Super Bowl title against the Panthers. A proper farewell for Payton Manning who retired after this game, while reigning MVP Cam Newton would never see playoff success again.

Super Bowl 51 (LI)

  • Date: Feb 5th 2017
  • Result: New England Patriots 34-28 Atlanta Falcons
  • Venue: NRG Stadium Houston, Texas

Tom Brady orchestrated the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, overcoming a 28-3 deficit to secure the Patriots’ fifth title. Or maybe it was the greatest choke job by the Falcons and Matt Ryan.

Super Bowl 52 (LII)

  • Date: Feb 4th 2018
  • Result: Philadelphia Eagles 41-33 New England Patriots
  • Venue: US Bank Stadium Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nick Foles’ MVP performance and the “Philly Special” secured the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win in a thrilling contest against the Patriots.

Super Bowl 53 (LIII)

  • Date: Feb 3rd 2019
  • Result: New England Patriots 13-3 Los Angeles Rams
  • Venue: Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta, Georgia

The Patriots’ defense and Julian Edelman’s key plays secured their sixth title in a low-scoring contest against the Rams.

Who Won The Last 5 Super Bowls?

These are all of the Super Bowl winners in the past 5 years.

Super Bowl 54 (LIV)

  • Date: Feb 2nd 2020
  • Result: Kansas City Chiefs 31-20 San Francisco 49ers
  • Venue: Hard Rock Stadium Miami, Florida

Patrick Mahomes’ MVP performance and a late-game surge secured the Chiefs’ first Super Bowl win in 50 years against the 49ers. This made him the youngest QB to win a ring in NFL history.

Super Bowl 55 (LV)

  • Date: Feb 7th 2021
  • Result: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-9 Kansas City Chiefs
  • Venue: Raymond James Stadium Tampa, Florida

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement to drag the Buccaneers to the wild-card spot and eventually to the Super Bowl. The Chief’s high-powered offense failed to score a touchdown, crushing their hopes of a repeat title. Tom Brady broke multiple records and cemented his spot as the GOAT of the NFL.

Super Bowl 56 (LVI)

  • Date: Feb 13th 2022
  • Result: Los Angeles Rams 23-20 Cincinnati Bengals
  • Venue: SoFi Stadium Los Angeles, California

The Rams went all in by trading for veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, who had not won a playoff game in his previous 12 years with the Detroit Lions. Their super team was facing off against Joe Burrow’s Bengals, who’d won their first playoff game in more than 2 decades.

OBJ’s masterful first-half performance and terrible ACL injury motivated the Rams to mount a comeback after giving up 10 unanswered points in the third quarter. Wide receiver Cooper Kupp converted a fourth down on the Rams’ final drive and scored the game-winning touchdown, earning himself Super Bowl MVP honors.

Super Bowl 57 (LVII)

  • Date: Feb 12th 2023
  • Result: Kansas City Chiefs 38-35 Philadelphia Eagles
  • Venue: State Farm Stadium Glendale, Arizona

Last year we got the third-highest-scoring Super Bowl in NFL history, as the 35 points scored by the Eagles were the most by the losing team in the Super Bowl. The Rihanna halftime show made this the most-watched event in US TV history, as Mahomes earned his second title in 4 years and 3 tries.

Super Bowl 58 (LVIII)

  • Date: Feb 11th 2024
  • Result: TBD – TBD
  • Venue: Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas, Nevada

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