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Last Updated: March 1, 2024

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Ever since the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of New Jersey and said that each state could regulate its sports betting industry individually in 2018, more and more US states legalize sports betting each year.

The lift of the federal ban on sports betting has paved the way for sportsbooks to enter new markets and finally gives US punters a chance to place bets online.

This article brings you everything you need to know about the best legal US betting sites, the most popular types of wagers, and US sports.

Best Legal US Betting Sites

The legalization of online sports betting in the US has resulted in dozens, if not hundreds, of online betting sites entering the markets of individual states. While many of these betting sites have very similar offers and features at first glance, there are four that stand out as the best legal US betting sites.

DraftKings Sportsbook – Best Overall Legal Online US Betting Site 

DraftKings Sportsbook best US betting site

Just like Fanduel, DraftKings became popular for having one of the best fantasy tournaments in the US. Now the Boston-based company is offering online betting for bettors in 15 states.

Depending on the location, DraftKings brings punters exciting features such as betting on the go, a wide range of betting options, betting markets, and casino games.

Thanks to its easy-to-navigate interface, low house edge, and an impressive number of betting options, they have become one of the top online betting sites in the US.

The great thing about DraftKings is that punters can use a single app (available for iOS and Android) to place bets on almost any sport.

And all of this is available through a clean and intuitive interface that bettors can use to place both traditional prematch wagers and bets during live games.

Additional features that players can access include contest-style games and cash-out options.

There are also some drawbacks that you will have to take into account.

One of the main is the fact that DraftKings is known to have low limits for their odds boost promotions and that they can be restrictive with their promotions for existing players.

If we had to give our opinion about the betting site in one sentence, it would be that DraftKings is good in every aspect but perfect in none.

It may sound harsh, but it is one of the best reviews a bookmaker can get.

DraftKings products are available in 15 states, and the availability of each of them depends on the regulations and laws of the state.

States: AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV & WY

BetMGM Sportsbook – Biggest Legal Betting Site In The US 

BetMGM Sportsbook Biggest Betting Site US

BetMGM has been involved in the US gambling industry in some capacity for over 30 years. Of course, when the federal ban was lifted in 2018, they were one of the first sportsbooks in each of the states that allowed online betting.

Their experience in the industry has helped them become the biggest betting operator across the country, with approximately 30% of the share.

While their site can sometimes be difficult to navigate for newbie bettors, the operator has more than made up for this with its huge betting offer.

Punters can use the BetMGM platform to bet on almost every imaginable sport.

Apart from offering pre-match betting, site visitors can use different features and options such as in-play betting, live streaming, early cash-outs, and creating parlays with multiple selections from the same event.

For all those punters that like to switch up their gameplay when gambling online, the platform also offers BetMGM casino and BetMGM poker.

BetMGM might be one of the best betting sites in the US, but they are not perfect. The company is focused on casual players, and they are known to limit accounts of players that approach betting more seriously.

The thing that is also surprising is the quality, or should we say the lack of quality when it comes to customer support. Customer support might be the weakest part of the BetMGM betting experience.

BetMGM offers its services in more than 17 US states.

States: AZ, CO, DC, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, MS, NJ, NV, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV & WY

Fanduel Sportsbook – The Most User-Friendly Betting App In The US 

Fanduel Sportsbook Top US User-Friendly Betting App

Initially, FanDuel became popular thanks to its fantasy games, and this momentum has successfully transitioned to the realm of online sports betting.

The betting site has recently been acquired by the European sports betting juggernaut Paddy Power Betfair, which confirms that their primary goal will be sports betting in the years to come.

Fanduel has secured its place as one of the best legal online betting sites in the US thanks to a user-friendly app that offers a huge number of betting options and an excellent betting experience.

At the moment, punters can bet on popular US sports and soccer.

That being said, FanDuel’s sports betting app doesn’t offer cricket or eSports.

When it comes to betting options, bettors can place wagers pre-game as well as during the games.

The great thing about FanDuel’s betting is that they offer alternative lines for handicaps and totals as well as parlays and futures.

We must also mention that FanDuel still has some catching up to do when it comes to betting odds competitiveness. We have noticed that they have worst odds than their main competitors in some cases.

The Fanduel betting app is available in over 14 US states, including some of the biggest markets such as New Jersey and New York.

States: AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV & WY

Caesars Sportsbook – Best US Betting Site For Major Leagues

Caesars Sportsbook Best US Betting Site For Major Leagues

Caesars is the largest retail sportsbook and one of the largest online betting sites in the US. All who have used their online betting services know that the company behind Caesars, Caesars Entertainment, has used all of its experience and knowledge to create one of the best online betting experiences in the country.

Bettors will notice that Caesar’s betting platform looks a lot like William Hill, and that is because Caesar’s Entertainment acquired William Hill in 2021.

With that said, the betting site is quite easy to use and navigate.

While the sportsbook features all major sports and markets, some less popular sports are missing.

This has resulted in Caesars offering fewer betting options than the bookmakers we mentioned above.

Caesars Sportsbook further improves players’ betting experience by giving them the option for in-play betting and the early cash-out option.

Players can also enjoy poker and casino products on the operator’s platform. (depending on their location)

We must also note that the in-play data can sometimes be slow to load, which can cause frustration. Also, the Caesars app is one step behind those of its competitors and can experience technical problems.

Players can use Caesar’s betting platform in 15 US states.

States: AZ, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, MD, CO, VA, NJ, NC, NY, TN, WV, Washington, DC and NV.

Most Popular Betting Types In The US

best sport betting sites online

Online betting sites in the US offer players different markets depending on the sport and competition.

Nowadays, players can often find games for which the bookmakers offer five to six hundred different markets.

To stay competitive, bookmakers try to invent new markets and keep things interesting for the bettors and improve the betting experience on their platforms each year.

While every US punter likes to mix things up from time to time and bet on new and exotic markets, there are a few bet types that all of them have on top of their lists. Next, we will cover the six most popular betting types in the US.

Money Line Betting

Betting on the money line is one of the favorite bet types in the US and the world. The reasons for the popularity of this market are many, but the main thing that bettors love about the money line is the simplicity and straightforwardness of the bet.

When betting on the money line, players are not required to do additional calculations, and the only thing they need to guess is who will win the match.

Below you can see an example of a money line market for an NBA game between the Denver Nuggets and the Golden State Warriors.


Denver Nuggets

Golden State Warriors

Money Line



Bear in mind that when it comes to the money line market, most US betting sites take into account the possible overtime, and that is why they offer only two options even though the game can end in a draw.

Betting On The Spread

Betting on the spread or handicap betting is one of the two favorite betting types of seasoned US punters.

The more savvy US sports bettors love this market because it has good odds, which give them anywhere from 80 to 95 percent return on their investment when they are successful.

Punters placing bets on this market essentially pick who will win the game after the offered handicap is taken into account.

This market is a bit more complicated than the money line because it requires bettors to make additional calculations. (adding the spread on the final result)

Below is an example of the spread market from the same game we mentioned in the previous section.


Denver Nuggets

Golden State Warriors


+8.5 -110

-8.5 -110

As you can see, by adding the handicap of 8.5 points, the bookmaker has leveled the playing field, and as a result, both teams have the same chance for success. Just like with the money line market, most US bookmakers include overtime for spread markets.

Betting On The Totals

As we mentioned previously, betting on the totals is as popular in the US online sportsbooks as betting on the spread. Bettors can expect the same odds and return on investment as spread betting.

To have a winning bet, players must successfully predict whether the number of goals or points will be over or under the bookmaker’s line.

Betting on the totals requires players to do some calculating, but not too much, as in some cases, the result is pretty obvious.

This is the totals market from our example.


Denver Nuggets

Golden State Warriors


 O 224.5 -110

U 224.5 -110

For the totals market, US sports betting sites often include overtime.

Futures Betting

Futures betting is a term used for bets in which bettors predict outright winners of competitions, leagues, and tournaments.

This kind of bet can be placed before the start of the season or during the season. (of course, the odds change depending on the circumstances and results)

Thanks to the nature of the bet, which requires players to make a prediction long before the event ends, in most cases, futures markets have pretty juicy odds.

Below is an example of the futures market for the 2022/23 NBA season winner. (top 4 favorites)


To win championship

Golden State Warriors


Boston Celtics


Phoenix Suns


Miami Heat


You can pick your favorite to win the competition way in advance and get a boost in odds as a result.

Prop betting

Proposition or prop betting is the term used to describe bets that are not directly tied with the game’s outcome.

They are more focused on a particular team, player, or event. Prop bets include things like betting on who will score first, which player will score a goal, how many points a player will score, etc.

There are thousands of prop markets available on online betting sites in the US because prop bets don’t have specific rules, and they can literally be about anything.

Depending on the sports betting platform, prop markets can be found either under the prop tab or the specials tab.

Below is an example of a prop market that includes betting on the number of points players will score in an NBA game between the Celtics and the Bucks, which can be found under the tab Player Props.

Player Points




Giannis Antetokounmpo

30.5 -125

30.5 -105

Jrue Holiday

19.5 -115

19.5 -115

Jaylen Brown

23.5 -125

23.5 -105

Jayson Tatum

30.5 -115

30.5 -115

The prop markets for the number of player points include points players score in the regular time and overtime.

Most Popular Sports To Bet On In The US

American punters mostly enjoy betting on the four most popular sports in the US: basketball, American football, hockey, and baseball. All of these make it to the best sports to bet on the list.

With popular main leagues like NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB being the favorite option, it is not hard to find the action year-round.

Betting On Basketball In The US

Betting On Basketball In The US

Thanks to the National Basketball League (NBA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball (NCAAB), basketball is available to US punters most of the year.

With over 1300 games played each year, the NBA is the most action-packed league globally.

And the best part is that US betting sites offer so many markets on these matches that bettors never get bored.

When it comes to popularity NCAA is not far behind. In fact, during March Madness (the NCAA elimination tournament), the NCAA tops all betting lists regarding how much amount is wagered in that period of the year.

Betting On American Football In The US

Betting On American Football In The US

The National Football League (NFL) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (NCAAF) have significantly fewer games than their basketball counterpart, but that doesn’t stop them from being arguably the most popular sport in the US.

The Super Bowl is the biggest day for sports betting in the country.

Americans wager upwards of 4 billion dollars on this game, making it also the biggest game in the world.

On the other hand, the NCAAF has a solid number of games throughout the season, making it perfect for casual bettors to make parlays and seasoned punters to find value.

Betting On Ice Hockey In The US

Betting On Ice Hockey In The US

Like the NBA, the NHL season consists of over 1300 action-packed games that provide endless fun and betting opportunities.

Being one of the top 4 professional sports leagues in the US, the NHL is also an integral part of every sports betting offer available to American punters.

Betting On Baseball in the US

Betting On Baseball in the US

There are three reasons why Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the most popular professional leagues for the fan base and the amount wagered.

The MLB is the only professional league played during the summer.

The second reason is the popularity of baseball in the US. Finally, the MLB season consists of over 2400 games plus the postseason, making it a perfect alternative during the summer months even for those bettors that prefer other big leagues in the US.

Top Bonuses And Promotions Available On US Betting Sites

best online sportsbook promotions

To stay relevant and competitive, US betting sites offer different bonuses and promotions to incentivize both new players and existing customers to stay on their platform.

Here we will cover the most common bonuses available on US sports betting sites and share what you need to know about them.

US Betting Sites First Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus or welcome bonus is the most popular type of bonus available on US bookmakers. This bonus is also the biggest bonus that each site offers from a financial standpoint.

In most cases, this promotion rewards new bettors that register on the betting site with a 100% matching bonus that can be used to place bets.

The matching amount is treated as bonus money, and bettors usually have to stake this amount a few times before they can make a withdrawal.

At the moment, most US betting sites offer welcome bonuses of over $1000, which is significantly higher than what punters can expect from, for example, European betting platforms.

Free Bets On US Betting Sites

Another promotion that is very popular on the US betting sites is the free bet. Bookmakers award free bets to existing customers when they want to reward their loyalty or promote a sports competition.

The free bet consists of a specific amount of money that can only be used to place one bet, like a token.

When punters use the free bet to place a wager, the bookmaker will deduct the amount of the free bet from the potential winnings.

Depending on the bookmaker, free bets can range from $10 to $50.

Risk-Free Bets On US Betting Sites

The term used for this promotion is very similar to the one we mentioned in the previous paragraph, but the truth is that it is a very different type of promotion.

The risk-free bet promotion can only be utilized if the bettor has funds in their account.

To take advantage of the promotion, they have to place the bet with their own money.

If the bet is a winning one, they can keep the funds, and if the bet loses, the bookmaker will refund the bet into their account.

The second big difference between the free and risk-free bet is the amount. Risk-free bets tend to be much bigger than free bets and can go up to $100 or $200.

Refer A Friend Bonus

The refer-a-friend bonus has become quite popular on US betting sites thanks to the legalization of online betting.

This promotion allows bettors to send their referral links to their friends and receive bonus money when their friends make an account on the betting platform using the link.

Bettors can receive anywhere from $25 to $50 of bonus money for each friend.

* It is important to note that different bookmakers use different terminology for the mentioned bonuses and promotions. However, you can use the description in this text to distinguish between different bonuses.

** Always read the terms and conditions before claiming the bonus

US Sports Betting Regulations And Taxes

us online sportsbooks regulation

At the moment, no legislation legalizes sports betting on the federal level in the US.

However, in 2018 the Supreme Court overturned a federal ban on sports betting which means that individual states can now create their legislation.

Since then, 40 US states have legalized sports betting in one form or another, and online sports betting is legal in 22 states.

Online Sports Betting Winnings Are Taxable In The US

If you are planning to place wagers online in the US, you should know a few things about sports betting taxes.

Any profit that US citizens make on sports betting is considered income and is accordingly taxable.

This means US bettors are obligated to report the income on their tax returns.

The sports betting operators are also obligated to report any winnings they payout that is greater than $600 or in cases where the bettor has won more than 300 times their initial stake.

It is also important to note that any amount you lost while sports betting can be deducted from your sports betting winnings. However, these losses can only be deducted from gambling winnings and can’t be used to reduce taxable income from other sources.

To do this, you need to keep receipts from all losses.

Who Can Bet On Sports In the USA

In most states where online betting is legal, citizens need to be at least 21 years old to place wagers.

However, there are four states where players need to be at least 18 years old to bet on sports. These are:

  • Montana
  • Rhode Island
  • New Hampshire
  • Washington

States Where Online Betting Is Legal In the US

You can find out more about states in which sports betting is legal in the US in the table below.











 Legal but not yet live







Legal but not yet live

 Legal but not yet live



Legal but not yet live

 Legal but not yet live















 Legal but not yet live

 Legal but not yet live



 Legal but not yet live

 Legal but not yet live

 Legal but not yet live






Only available when on licensed premises

Only available when on licensed premises



Only available when on licensed premises / Only available through state-owned operator

Only available when on licensed premises / Only available through state-owned operator

Only available when on licensed premises / Only available through state-owned operator



 Legal but not yet live





New Hampshire




New Jersey




New Mexico


Only at selected Tribal Casinos

New York

 Legal but not yet live



North Carolina


Only at selected Tribal Casinos


 Legal but not yet live

 Legal but not yet live

 Legal but not yet live



Only at selected Tribal Casinos / Only available when on licensed premises / Only available through state-owned operator

Only at selected Tribal Casinos


Only available through state-owned operator

Only available through state-owned operator

Only available through state-owned operator





Rhode Island

Only available through state-owned operator

Only available through state-owned operator

Only available through state-owned operator

South Dakota











Washington DC

Only available through state-owned operator

Only available through state-owned operator

Only available through state-owned operator


Only at selected Tribal Casinos

Only at selected Tribal Casinos

Only at selected Tribal Casinos

West Virginia






Only at selected Tribal Casinos





As you can see, it is not all black and white, and there are additional rules that sports operators must follow to keep their operations legal in some states.

How To Start With Sports Betting In The US

where to bet on sports in US

If you are planning to start betting on sports in the US, either casually or professionally, there are a few things you need to consider first.

First, you need to check if sports betting is legal in your state and what type of sports betting is allowed.

As you can see in the table above, US states treat different types of sports betting differently.

Then you need to decide where to bet on sports in the US. To help you with this, we have prepared a list of the top 4 US betting sites that you can find on this page.

Finally, remember to pay your taxes on any potential winnings from sports betting.

How We Select The Best US Online Sportsbooks

top sports betting sites

Our team of sports betting experts applies several rules and criteria when researching online betting sites in the US.

These rules and criteria are created based on the extensive experience that our team has in the sports betting industry, and they help us choose the best online sportsbooks.

US Betting Sites Safety And Security

The safety of our visitors is our number one concern. For this reason, our team spends a significant amount of time doing background checks to make sure that both the sports betting operator and their site can be trusted.

We feature only reputable US online betting sites with a proven track record and impeccable reputation.

US Betting Sites Bonuses And Promotions

There are dozens of US online sportsbooks available to bettors, but what distinguishes top sports betting sites from the rest is the promotions.

Sports betting promotions are an integral part of the modern US betting experience, and our team makes sure that our visitors have access to online betting sites with the best bonuses and promotions in the US.

US Betting Sites Betting Experience

The betting experience consists of many things, some with greater impact and some with lower. Amongst others, it consists of the quality of the betting offer (markets, options, features), betting platform (quality, interface, design), and betting odds.

There are also other factors, but these three are the ones that have the most weight.

US Betting Sites Payment Methods

The speed and convenience of getting funds on and from US betting sites are often overlooked. Payment methods are an extremely important factor from the security and experience standpoint.

The number of payment methods, speed, and convenience of offered options are some of the elements that we consider when choosing the best online betting sites in the US.

US Betting Sites Customer Support

When it comes to the quality of customer support, some of the criteria that our team implements are the availability to reach agents, the number of communication channels, and how professional and helpful the operators are.

What To Expect From Top US Betting Sites?

legal online usa sportsbooks

Now that we have mentioned some of the criteria that our team uses to find and review the best online betting sites in the US, we will discuss what US bettors can expect from the top betting operator available in the country.

Licensed And Regulated US Sportsbooks

To be considered safe and secure, online sportsbooks need to have the proper licensing and authorization from the regulatory bodies. This means that top US betting sites have the proper licensing from the states where their platforms are available.

Besides having permission to offer betting products, top online betting sites also implement various security features such as SSL encryption. These features guarantee that all communication between the visitors and the betting platform is secure.

Best Bonuses And Promotions Available on US Sportsbooks

Some of the promotions that bettors can expect from top US sportsbooks are welcome bonuses, free bets, and risk-free bets. In most cases, US betting sites will match the first deposit to up to $2000.

Bettors will have to wager the bonus funds a couple of times before they can make a withdrawal. The wagering rules are different from site to site, but we made sure to find and feature US betting sites with fair and reasonable bonus rules and conditions.

Top-Notch Online Betting Experience

When it comes to the betting experience on top US sportsbooks, bettors can expect high-quality betting offers that cover all popular US sports. Depending on the state, top US betting sites are available via web and mobile applications that work seamlessly. Bettors won’t have to sacrifice experience for convenience or the other way around.

Furthermore, the best betting platforms in the US have competitive odds with reasonable house margins.

Fast Deposits And Withdrawals With Several US Payment Options

Betting sites in the US allow players to make deposits and withdrawals with several of the most popular payment methods. This includes making transactions using bank cards like VISA and Mastercard, e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.

In most cases, deposits are processed instantaneously, while withdrawal times depend on the payment method used and vary from a couple of hours to five working days.

Professional US Customer Support Available Around The Clock

US online betting sites featured on this page take customer support very seriously. This is why they have enabled multiple communication channels and professional support operators. In most cases, US bettors can contact support using phone, email, or live chat.

FAQ – Sports Betting In The US

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