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Last Updated: November 14, 2022


sportsfanbetting.com Editorial Guidelines

Our goal is to create a platform to help you have fun and enjoy betting even more, so all content created and published on this site has our mission at the forefront.

Luckily, we have an amazing team of experienced writers who are real veterans in this industry and understand all ins and outs of sports betting. Some writers were professional punters, while others worked directly with online sportsbooks or concentrated on writing exclusively for the iGaming industry for years. Therefore, you can rest assured that all information is carefully vetted and presented to you by our experts.

To take it even further and ensure we deliver only top-notch content and factually correct information, we follow strict guidelines at sportsfanbetting.com, and all of our content pass through an editorial process.

How Do We Write

We have very clear writing guidelines created by senior staff that all writers follow. It helps ensure that everyone knows where to concentrate most of their attention and presents only relevant information to you.

Whether we cover sportsbooks, games, players or dive deep into guides or bonuses, we always write intending to help you in one way or another.

We want you to have all the relevant information to make your decisions and understand how betting actually works. If new information comes to us, we will briefly update our content so that you can find what matters the most.

These guidelines ensure that we produce high-quality content without influence from sites we review or other parties since we prioritize our standards above anything else. Our content is always independent and checked by multiple staff members before it hits the site.

Our Editorial Code

sportsfanbetting.com Objective and Honest Reviews

We always put our values in front and follow our guidelines without any intervention from betting sites we review or other parties with a commercial interest.

To take it one step further, we separated our affiliate department from writers, so they do not know what deal we have with a particular operator and have no interest in promoting one brand over another just for the sake of doing that. They get paid for content creation no matter how they rate the sportsbooks, which helps us create unbiased reviews and ensure the independence of all our content.

We put together a guide on how we make money, so you can easily see why we are incentivized to publish only factually correct information.

As for our editorial guidelines, here are five main principles that we follow when writing:

  • Accurate – we always write content based on factual information, usually backed by data-driven research. No one influences our reviews, guides or even general articles, so you will always get accurate information to the best of our abilities. We try to include all pros and cons to highlight the real situation and never artificially promote something if we do not believe in the value it brings.
  • Clear – we prioritize clear content creation, so we always try to explain everything in an easy-to-understand way. Since our content is freely available to everyone interested in the gambling industry worldwide, we try to ensure that our guides are easy to understand and useful to everyday players.
  • Relevant – we strive to present only relevant and interesting information so that you would not waste your time reading what doesn’t matter to you. Our experience lets us prioritize essential information and concentrate on areas that matter the most. This is especially important in the review process, where we concentrate on the most important parts and only briefly mention things that are less relevant to the players.
  • First hand – all our content is written by industry experts who fully understand the games and play them. Our reviews are also done by manually testing the sites, trying different sections, and reviewing terms & conditions, so you know you are getting quality information from someone who plays and test the games. We never research casino information on 3rd party sites and always use the direct website and actual T&C to check everything ourselves.
  • Up to date – the gambling industry is very dynamic, so information can change quickly, and we do our best to keep it up to date. As soon as new facts are brought to light, we will update relevant sections to keep them fresh. Despite all of our research and experience, errors can also happen, and we do our best to correct them as soon as we notice them.

We trust our writers to deliver the best possible content to you and often re-check already published articles to ensure everything is up to date.

While we base our content on data-driven facts, there are many areas where writers have the freedom to share their subjective opinions, and we encourage that to have unique and engaging content. While these subjective opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of sportsfanbetting.com, we encourage experienced writers to share their views since it often leads to exceptional and unbiased content, which is what we strive for.

While we work with skilful writers with years of experience in the gambling industry, we always double-check the information for quality assurance. Every article, review, and guide on our site is checked by a chief editor who ensures everything is correct and up to date.

Of course, we all are humans, and sometimes something slips even through our editorial process, but we do all we can to ensure we fix all mistakes before the article is published. If something still slips through our lens, we update it as soon as we notice, even if the content is already published.

If you have further questions about sportsfanbetting.com guidelines or notice any mistakes in our articles, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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