A Little-Known Treasure – Cricket Betting Tips for Beginners

Cricket betting tips for beginners

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Last Updated: October 17, 2023

Alex Zlatanovic

Cricket attracts well over two billion fans. Most of them come from Asia, but the sport is also absurdly popular in other parts of the world. As a matter of fact, football is the only one that attracts more viewers. That’s how impactful cricket is at the global stage.

Some even say that this sport is as interesting as gambling. We can understand this point of view, especially if you compare the excitement of cricket with the finest gambling websites. If you visit aussielowdepositcasino.com, you’ll see that these websites contain all the elements of a good match – the highest level of quality is paired with uncertainty and a myriad of bonus features.

But there is also a way of pairing cricket with your gambling affinity through sports betting. If this sounds like your topic of interest, read on to learn the little-known treasures of cricket bets.

Top Tips for Placing Wagers

Top tips for placing cricket wagers

All newbies should approach sports wagering with due caution, hence some general rules that you ought to follow from day one.

  1. Build a good understanding of the game before you start betting on cricket matches.
  2. Become a passionate student of the game by following the latest info about it.
  3. If you’re new to cricket betting, it’s wise to start with small bets.
  4. Different bookmakers offer different odds for the same match, so you might as well compare them.
  5. You can try and predict more than just the match outcome. We are talking about details like top run-scorers or top wicket-takers (and many more).
  6. Live or in-play betting lets you place wagers during a match as it unfolds, so don’t refrain from it if you have a good feeling.
  7. Never let emotions dictate your betting decisions.
  8. Maintain a record of your bets, as it will help you analyze your performance (and therefore improve).
  9. It’s normal to make mistakes when you’re starting out – don’t get discouraged.
  10. Consider following cricket betting tipsters or experts with a proven track record.

Advanced Betting Tactics

Advanced betting tactics in cricket

As you gain experience in cricket betting, you may want to explore advanced tactics that can help you refine your approach and potentially improve your results. These strategies go beyond the betting basics and require a deeper understanding of the game and its nuances.

For instance, rather than exclusively scrutinizing overall team performance, it is advisable to shift your attention toward the examination of individual player statistics. This entails more than just one thing:

  • A comprehensive analysis of a player’s recent performance
  • Their proficiency on particular pitches
  • Their historical track record when pitted against a given opponent

Such an approach can be exceptionally advantageous, especially in the context of markets such as “Top Run-Scorer” or “Top Wicket-Taker.”

In addition, weather conditions and pitch characteristics can have a significant impact on the outcome. Pay attention to weather forecasts, as rain interruptions can lead to draw or no-result outcomes in Test matches.

Another tip is to vigilantly monitor the dynamics of team compositions and changes in lineups. Within the realm of T20 matches, the mere absence of pivotal all-rounders or bowlers has the potential to significantly influence the overall contest.

If you’ve placed bets on multiple outcomes within the same match, you may consider hedging your bets as the match progresses. For instance, if you bet on both teams to win at different odds, you can strategically place additional bets during the game to lock in a profit regardless of the final result.

Arbitrage betting is placing wagers with different bookmakers on multiple match results to secure monetization. While it requires careful odds monitoring and quick execution, it can be a low-risk strategy when done correctly.

As you gain confidence and experience, you can explore progressive staking plans like the Kelly Criterion or the Martingale system. However, these systems come with increased risk and require careful bankroll management.

In live betting, closely monitor the match situation. Look for opportunities to place bets based on the changing dynamics of the game. For example, if a team has a slow start but historically finishes strong, you can place bets on them to make a comeback.

On betting exchanges, you can both back (bet for) and lay (bet against) outcomes. This allows you to act as a bookmaker and trade your positions during the match to lock in profits or minimize losses.

In addition to individual matches, you can bet on series outcomes, such as predicting the overall winner of a Test series. This requires a broader understanding of team dynamics and strategies across multiple matches.

For the most advanced bettors, statistical models and software tools can provide data-driven insights and betting recommendations. These tools can help identify value bets based on historical data and statistical analysis.


Cricket is a great sport with amusing matches, but most people don’t think it has a good monetization potential. This post focused on wagering tactics that could help you win real money while watching games. Which one of these tips do you think works best?

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