Point Spread Meaning – Setting a Fictional Point Margin to Entice Bettors

Point spread

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Last Updated: May 31, 2022


A point spread is a bet set on a fictional victory margin that the sportsbook creates before the match or event.

By betting on the point spread, you bet that the favorite will win by a certain margin or that the underdog will manage to win or lose within the preset margin.

The purpose of the point spread is to provide additional betting value in games that feature an obvious favorite and a clear underdog.

By adding the point spread and tailoring the odds, the sportsbook encourages bettors to take up a bet that would otherwise have too low odds or be too risky.

For example, if the Lakers (-8.5) are playing the Warriors (+8.5), the point spread favors the Lakers to win. If you’re betting the spread on the Lakers, they need to win by at least nine or more points.

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