Live Betting Meaning – Placing Sports Bets While Match Is Ongoing

Live betting

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Last Updated: May 31, 2022


Live betting, or in-game betting, is betting on a game or event while it’s going on. Live betting can be much more exciting than traditional betting, primarily because the betting odds change with each passing minute.

This is especially true as teams score goals or points and change leads.

Live betting is also a great way to jump in on the action if you’ve missed placing a bet before the event begins.

Additionally, you can use live betting to get better betting odds than you would before the game.

Let’s say that you were to bet on the favorite before the game, but missed out. As the game starts, the underdog has a strong start, so the bookmakers adjust the odds more into the favorite’s favor.

If you place the live bet at that moment, you can get better odds than you could if you placed a bet before the game.

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