What to Consider Before Making a Tough Call in Poker

making tough poker calls

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Last Updated: April 8, 2023


The ability to make tough calls is important if you want to last long in a poker game and get a better winning chance. Making tough calls in poker requires good calculation and keeping your emotions in check.

In truth, this can be a tall order for many players. This is especially true if the player is new to the game. This makes it important to get acquainted with the essence of making certain tough calls in poker, as well as how to do so.

These are some tips for making tough calls in poker. To lend you a hand, this comprehensive guide will offer some useful pointers.

The Strength of Your Decision Making

You require good decision making skills to be able to make tough calls. If you lack the ability to make simple decisions then you will struggle to make tough calls.

If you often play it safe and rarely make tough calls then it might be too risky to start making tough calls mid-game. Unless you trust your ability to get a decision right, there’s no point taking such decisions.

Try to work on your decision making skills before the game as this will make you more confident to make tough calls.

The Quality of Your Opponent

This is a very important factor to consider when making a tough call. The quality of your opponent will determine their response to your call.

If you’re playing a very good player and you’re confronted with a situation where raising might cause you to lose money and folding will expose you to further attack, the decision can be a tricky one.

how to make tough calls in poker

Before making a tough call that will significantly alter your position, you should consider the ability of your opponent to take advantage of the decision.

What Is at Stake?

When the stakes are higher the decisions tend to become tougher. You might find yourself overthinking your choices and double-guessing yourself.

Before making a tough call, you should consider the pot size and determine the appropriate risk you should take.

Sometimes, it might pay off to risk what is left of your stack with the hope of winning big. Other times, you might risk big to gain a small advantage on your opponent.

The possibility of a big return might help you to make a tough call that involves big risk. Also walking away from the table can be a very tough call so you must consider what is at stake and what you will gain or lose by continuing playing.

The Long Term Benefit

You play poker to win, so when confronted with a decision that brings immediate return but might not pay off in the long term, it might be a tough call. However, do not panic!

Before making a tough call you should consider how it will affect your liquidity and strategy in the long run.

This will help you determine if the risk is worth it or not. The long-term benefits of a certain strategy should have a bigger say than the short-term benefits.

Furthermore, making use of bonuses can also benefit you in the long-term. It helps you minimize risks.

For instance, for Super 6 lovers, knowing how to get Bet365 super bet boosts involves understanding how to make use of bonuses to improve winning chances.

What Your Gut Is Telling You

Poker is a game of logic. However, there are times when decisions aren’t based on logic alone.

Your gut sometimes tells you when you should take a particular decision. Before making a tough call, consider what your gut is telling you about the choices before you.

However, this does not necessarily translate to making unreasonable, emotional calls simply because you wish to listen to your guts.

making difficult poker decisions

A gut feeling is developed through years of playing and when confronted with a tough choice, your guts can help you make the best decision.

The positive that comes with trusting your guts is that it will help you to accept the outcome. If it turns out right, it will improve your confidence and when it doesn’t turn out to be the right call, you can accept the fact that you went with your guts.


Poker is a game that boasts numerous variables. These make the game quite interesting to engage in.The ability to make tough calls is what differentiates good players from poor ones.

It is true that emotions are a significant part of the game. For many players, this prevents them from making certain tough calls.

Some important tips – as mentioned above – can be quite effective when it comes to taking difficult, but necessary actions.

Being able to make tough calls implies that you need to be confident in your decision making, consider the quality of your opponent, consider what is at stake, consider the long term, and have some faith in your guts.

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