How Long Does A Baseball Game Last?


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Last Updated: May 31, 2022


Let’s cut to the chase and answer the burnign question of how long does a baseball game last!

A baseball game lasts three fours and eight minutes on average.

Of course, that does not mean that this is exactly how long each of the games will be, but it is a great estimate of how much time you need to book on your calendar if you want to watch the game.

Recently games are getting a bit longer than they used to be a few years back, and according to some sources they used to be around 10 minutes shorter a decade ago.

So when we know the average length of a baseball game, do you care to learn what are some of the longest matches ever recorded?

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What Is The Longest Baseball Game Ever?


As unbelievably as it sounds, the longest baseball game ever recorded lasted eigth hours and twenty five minutes!

You read it right, 8 hours and 25 minutes!

It tool place between Rochester Red Winds and Pawtucket Red Sox. It was played in 1981 and that is a recor that will likelly stand the test of time since it is hard to imagine anyone coming even close these days. You can read about this match more here.

What is an average MLB game length?

What about the highest league in the world? Is average MLB game length is different from other leagues?

Appareantly, not too much!

Average MLB game length is reported to be 3 hours and 10 minutes, so jsut a few minutes longer than in other places of the world.

With all of these stats it is quite clear that you need at least 3 hours to watch this game, and better plan to spend few more minutes if you can so yuo can fully enjoy the experience!

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