Why Blackjack Is a Perfect Game for New Players

blackjack perfect for new players

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Last Updated: August 7, 2022


Blackjack is one of the most popular and best-known casino games globally. It’s also one of the simplest casino games that combine chance and skill, making it a perfect choice for new players starting their gambling journey.

If you’ve never played casino games before, but are looking to get into this world, here are four big reasons why blackjack is a perfect game for new players.

The Basics Are Super Easy

When you’re a beginner gambler, you want to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.

And, when it comes to this, blackjack is arguably the simplest game that combines elements of both luck and skill in its gameplay.

Even if you’ve never played online or live blackjack before, you probably have a grasp on its basics, especially if you’ve watched people play it in shows and movies.

This is because the fundamental objective of blackjack is simple. Get to 21 or as close to it without going over and have a higher valued hand than the dealer.

Looking at the gameplay itself, you can easily get by with two main betting decisions, hitting and standing.

When you hit, you’re asking for another card, and when you want to stand, you’re sticking with your current hand for the round.

Additionally, as you learn these two basics and get comfortable, you can use options like splitting, doubling down, surrendering, or taking insurance.

blackjack is easy to learn

Learning these options requires a bit more effort, but they are still straightforward enough for any blackjack beginner to understand.

There’s Some Strategy

In addition to being very easy to pick up, blackjack also involves some strategy. This separates it from other popular casino games like slots, which don’t offer much room for improving your skills.

In blackjack, you can use certain strategies to play more optimally and increase your winning chances over time.

Moreover, when playing blackjack, you can use helpful blackjack charts. You can even use these charts at the live casino blackjack table, meaning it’s very convenient to make optimal decisions even without extensive experience.

Besides using a blackjack chart, you can also employ many different betting strategies, making blackjack exciting while keeping it simple.

Moreover, when you really hone your skills and gain enough confidence, you can even try out infamous strategies like counting cards.

This tactic can help you get the edge over the house. Just keep in mind, most casinos frown upon it, and you might get banned if you get caught.

It’s a Fast Game With Great Betting Limits

If you’re a beginner casino player, you want to play a fast-paced and entertaining game. You don’t necessarily have to care about how many hands per hour you’re playing or other boring statistical data.

However, you do need to pay attention to the betting limits, as your bankroll will likely be fairly small when you’re just starting.

blackjack offers good betting limits

With this in mind, you can find blackjack table minimums of $5 to $10 per bet, which is pretty affordable for most beginner players.

Moreover, if you play online blackjack, you can find even lower table minimums with some research.

This, combined with the fast-paced nature of the game, makes blackjack an excellent choice for new players who want fun and excitement but don’t want to risk larger amounts of money right from the start.

It’s Only You and the Dealer

Finally, what makes blackjack perfect for new casino players is that you’re playing against the dealer and no other players.

Sure, it’s very exciting to play against other players like you can do in poker, read their body language, bluff, and play mind games.

But, doing all of this as a beginner casino player is often very challenging, and you can easily lose a lot of money.

With that in mind, when you’re playing blackjack, your only opponent is the dealer, who is restricted by certain rules of play.

They can’t bluff you, make you bet more than you are comfortable with, or take advantage of your inexperience.

What’s more, having the dealer’s presence at the table is very helpful for beginners.

You can always ask the dealer anything if you’re unsure about a certain rule or option, and they will help you out.

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